Educational Consulting Focused on SPED and Federal Programs
Federal Program Services

Rosemont Consulting Services provides services to school districts in the development and implementation of supplementary federally funded education programs. The services will be incorporated into the work of the federal
office and support district efforts to ensure use of federal funds to directly support academic achievement of students.

Rosemont Consulting Services will:

  • Work cooperatively with district administrative and instructional personnel to ensure the district is aware and abides by all federal legislation governing the implementation of federally funded education programs.
  • Ensure the major underpinnings of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, are adhered to in their entirety, to wit: (a) all funds and services supplement and not supplant district funds and effort; (b) districts demonstrate maintenance of effort in expenditure of state and local funds; and (c) comparability among schools is maintained in assignment of instructional personnel.
  • Assist in the development of district plans to use supplementary federal funds by:
    (a) Reviewing the results of comprehensive needs assessments and assisting in planning programs to address the identified academic needs.
    (b) Reviewing scientifically based research solutions that impact specific academic needs of students.
    (c) Identifying professional development needs of the instructional staff.
    (d) Coordinating the transfer of data to the consolidated federal programs application disseminated by the Office of Federal Programs in the Mississippi Department of Education.
  • Provide ongoing assistance and guidance in the implementation of the consolidated plans.
  • Develop revisions to the plans as required by MDE or as directed by the district administration.
  • Assist in preparations for onsite monitoring visits by staff from the Office of Federal Programs in the Mississippi Department of Education by:
    (a) Reviewing the appropriate OFP/MDE monitoring instrument to determin appropriate sections applicable to the district.
    (b) Discussing required documentation needed to meet evidences of compliance listed in the instrument.
    (c) Organizing evidences of compliance in keeping with each section of the instrument.
    (d) Conducting a final review of all evidences of compliance files prior to the beginning of the monitoring visit.

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