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Special Education Services

What We Do

Rosemont Consulting Services is an educational consulting company, focusing on Special Education and Gifted Programs. Our goal is to help school districts navigate the complex issues of these programs by providing high-quality, knowledgeable consultants with real-world experience to work in your district. Our consultants are compromised of former SPED Directors, School Psychologists, and Psychometrists who understand the day-to-day functions of the job, and, more importantly, understand the processes, programs, and procedures within your department. Whether it’s dealing with IDEA issues, understanding MCAPS process, district monitoring preparation, or guidance with implementation of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), Rosemont Consulting can help!


Special Education Services

Rosemont Consulting provides a network of services to assist educational professionals in making a positive difference int he lives of children and youth. Rosemont Consulting can meet all your assessment needs. Consultants provide comprehensive evaluations for all 13 IDEA disability categories, which will include an assessment report tailored to meet the specific needs of each district. Staff will participate in the eligibility meetings as needed. Rosemont Consulting offers the most current evaluation instruments, and we also provide functional behavior assessments and develop MDE compliant behavior intervention plans.


Professional Development

  • Child Find Procedures and Implementation
  • Least Restrictive Environment Procedures
  • IEP Procedures and Legally Defensible IEPs
  • Discipline Procedures
  • IDEA 2004 and MS Procedures
  • Classroom Management Strategies
  • Effective Research-Based Strategies

Psychometry Services

  • Comprehensive Evaluations for special education
  • IQ and Achievement Tests
  • Assessments for Gifted
  • ADHD Rating Scales
  • Interpretations and Written Reports
  • Participation in Eligibility Determination Meetings

School Psychology Services

  • Psychological Evaluations including Emotional Disabilities, Autism, ADHD Evaluations, Observations and Interviews
  • Interpretation of date an assessment reports
  • Participation in Eligibility Determination Meetings

Behavior Specialist Services

  • MDE Compliant Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA) and Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP)
  • Participation in IEP Meeting for BIPs
  • Provide Training for Teachers to Implement Plans

IEP Meeting Facilitation

  • Standards-Based Development
  • Transition
  • Defusing the Situation
  • Parents
  • Advocates
  • Parent Represented Lawyers



Professional Development

  • Specialized Professional Development for Target Administrators, Teachers, and Paraprofessionals
  • Child Find Procedures and Implementation
  • Least Restrictive Environment Procedures
  • IEP Procedures and Legally Defensible IEPs
  • Special Education Processes
  • IDEA 04 and AL Regulations
  • Classroom Management Strategies
  • Effective Research-Based Academic and Behavioral Strategies for Teachers
  • Paraprofessional Training


  • Comprehensive Evaluations – IQ, Achievement Tests, Adaptive Measures, Developmental Measures, ADD Assessments, Behavior Assessments, Observations and Interviews
  • Assessments for Autism
  • Assessments for Dyslexia
  • Assessments for Gifted
  • Participation in Eligibility Determination Meetings

Targeted Assistance for Specific Needs

  • Defusing the Situation
  • Involving the Parents in the Process
  • Working with Advocates
  • Mediation and Resolution Agreement Monitoring/Verification
  • Due Process Preparation

Training and Support for Special Education Directors

  • eGAP Budget Development and Implementation
  • Project Development/Office Procedures
  • Pre and Post Monitoring Assistance
  • SETs Training

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